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Socrademy looks to become the iTunes of academic curriculum. To do this, it provides a suite of web-based tools for educators to author and validate student consumption of educational content. Socrademy looks to enter the classroom and the student’s home for a more meaningful and personalized teacher-student relationship.

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The statement 'Design For All Mankind' largely represents how I approach each and every project.

For me, it is a guiding principle that re-enforces the notion of humanity, and that user empathy is paramount. Without addressing a user's needs, products typically fail or lack adoption. More than ever now, we live in a world where a user’s experience is highly valued within brands and companies - where as it used to be an after thought or a nice-to-have aesthetic. A designer must be able to delight with visuals and experience. My name is Ben Richard (for BenRichardDesign, LLC) and I am a NH-based experience design professional with a passion for solving design challenges. I have spent over 5 years creating multi-device interfaces, branded concepts, and other design initiatives. I pride myself on my creative attributes and storytelling approach to design. That powerful combination frequently navigates me and my team to the next big solution.

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