SnapApp Platform

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SnapApp Platform The moment when you know it’s time for a product redesign. User Research UX Design Platform Retooled platform to make it easier for companies to build surveys, polls, contests, and more. Pain points included poor navigation, no onboarding help, more customization options. Created style guide including typography, iconography and branded elements. Assisted developers […]

Med Express

med express portfolio ipad

Med Express Urgent Care Designing a daily-use dashboard for manager accessibility and action. User Research UX Design Platform Generated urgent care research, customer interviews and persona development. Created current state journey map and future state storyboard to identify opportunities. Created sketches and wireframes to establish user interface layout and hierarchy. Produced clickable prototype to facilitate […]


socrademy portfolio image

Socrademy Teachers, students and communities can now connect in new, innovative ways. User Research Branding UI Design Platform Understanding the teacher’s process and where to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Understanding how the student consumes information and what they enjoy most. Established a brand with a school-friendly identity that portrays educational value. Wireframed and then prototyped […]