Liberty Mutual Insurance

Transforming an out-dated renters insurance experience to suit the modern customer

May 27, 2020     

  • Facilitated stakeholders and team through a multi-day Design Sprint.

  • Created primary and secondary personas, based off customers interviews around insurance perception, goals and price.

  • Created customer journeys to structure design direction and decisions.

  • Provided polished mockups for MVP and future state solution (Sketch).

  • Applied branded styles, font, buttons, iconography and more from Liberty's Design System.

  • Made design iterations based on data from segment market tests

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    "I wasn't sure if I need insurance for my apartment or condo. When I did apply, I wanted to complete it fast and check it off my to-do list."

    - Insurance Customer

    "We knew our online experiences were not up to par with today's digital standards."

    Improved experience for our customer's needs

    As a team and company, we knew our online experiences were not up to par with today's digital standards - we've heard it time and again from our customers. Therefore, our initiative was to modernize our Renters insurance experience with deep customer research and a new tech stack. We kicked off this project with a couple of design workshops to generate ideas and collect feedback. The outcome, was exactly what we needed - an end-to-end prototype which received glowing feedback in our moderated study.

    The new renters experience has a modern look and feel which utilizes our ongoing progression of Liberty's Design System and language/tone guidelines. Maybe the biggest change, is the one-question-at-a-time approach to the question flow. This decision was based off the major pain point customers had with our old form. Moving away from the long list of questions, greatly reduced the customer’s mental fatigue and excessive scrolling on mobile. The new layout enables us to support the customer with exposed help text and future illustrations to help depict each question. We are using large tapable buttons which decreases selection errors on mobile, and some use complementary icons.