MedExpress Dashboard

Designing a daily-use dashboard for manager accessibility and action.

June 16, 2016     

  • Generated user research, interviews and persona development.

  • Created current state journey map and future state storyboard.

  • Created sketches and wireframes for MVP.

  • Provided polished mockups for MVP and future state solution (Photoshop).

  • Construct clickable prototype (Invision).

  • Presented pitch deck and both solutions.

  • View Prototype

    "We do a lot of manual tasks. We have a great color-coded folder system that works well for us. However, manually tracking our metrics is disruptive to our workflow and efficiency."

    - MedExpress Manager

    "The dashboard was designed to consume information quickly at a glance."

    Getting to Know Our Users

    We begin the project with a in-person kickoff meeting discussing MedExpress business needs and how our team could deliver value and results. We established understanding, deliverables and deadlines before parting ways. Our research consisted of evaluating a MedExpress facility in Haverhill, MA and conducting interviews with center managers. Current state scenarios, personas and other compiled research helped fuel the solution exercises, thus moving us forward with a dashboard concept.

    By quickly validating the wireframed interface, and then testing the prototype with our users, we were able to identify solvable pain points and added advantages with our dashboard. We took careful consideration what data points center managers relied on during their day. The dashboard was designed to consume information quickly at a glance with color coding and large digits. Our users were delighted with the dark look and feel and thought the colors and content did not overwhelm.