SnapApp Platform

The moment when you know it's time for a product redesign.

April 21, 2015     

  • Conducted ethnographic research including user interviews and journey mapping.

  • Completed design tasks with agile methods (Jira).

  • Sketched new wireframes concepts and designed polished mockups (Photoshop).

  • Created style guide including typography, iconography and UI elements (Illustrator).

  • Snapapp Platform

    "I struggle to start my content creation process and the many tool options are a bit overwhelming. I was able to call customer service to guide me down the right path. I wish the platform could have done that for me."

    - New SnapApp Customer

    Our users were not completely satisfied with their online experience.

    Keeping Clients Happy

    SnapApp is a marketing platform that allows companies to build custom surveys, polls, contests, and more, thus engaging their audience and forming stronger relationships. After hearing directly from our users that the SnapApp platform experience wasn't satisfactory, we decided it was time for a interface overhaul.

    Between product/design and marketing teams, we began to evaluate customer feedback and focused on the core issues and pain points with our platform. Some of the more urgent matters were confusing navigation, lack of features, poor onboarding process, and low customization options. I was the lead designer responsible for the project, called SnapApp 3.0. Once coded and launched in beta form, we held usability sessions to confirm our UI/UX decisions and worked out the kinks. Customer accounts increased over 30% that quarter and our users were very pleased with the result.