SnapApp Website

Retooling brand imagery and messaging for a continuous growth.

April 20, 2015     

  • Updated existed logo, and brand visual appearance.

  • Assisted with analytics evaluation and content recreation (Google).

  • Assisted with new navigation and sitemap organization.

  • Sketched wireframe concepts and designed polished mockups (Photoshop).

  • Created a style guide with common elements, fonts and colors for development.

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    SnapApp is a marketing platform that allows companies to build custom surveys, polls, contests, and more, thus engaging their audience and forming stronger relationships.

    We decreased 40+ menu items/pages down to 15!

    Adjusting Our Messaging and Value

    Stakeholders and executives desire for better content and implementation of a new pricing model propelled the website redesign. Additionally, the website needed to reposition it's inbound marketing by establishing the company as a leader in the customer engagement and interactive content space.

    Some of the website improvements included: The expansion of white paper resources and podcast content on dedicated landing pages. Showcasing more customer success case studies and event participation, to manifest our mark on the industry. Rewriting the platform description, which lacked common sense terms and conversation. We also adjusted with less words, and more bullets. Analytics revealed our CTA buttons were not getting enough activity. We modified their placement, quantity and wording. The navigation menu was overwhelming and confusing (mega menu). We decreased 40+ menu items/pages down to 15. Card sorting exercise helped with the hierarchy and site map. SnapApp branding had changed and now matched our platform.