Social Butterfly

Connecting communities through good design.

July 7, 2015     

  • Orchestrated user interviews, asking about their wants and needs.

  • Established a modern branding template and logo design (Illustrator).

  • Designed and sized iOS app icon for App Store (Photoshop).

  • Created interface sketches and wireframes for MVP solution.

  • Perfected interface through polished mockups (Photoshop).

  • Constructed a clickable prototype for presentation and user testing (Invision).

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    The Social Butterfly app looks to be a solution amongst local communities that want to interact with new people, groups and activities.

    "Wireframing and prototyping our concept for testing would be crucial..."

    Deciding What is Enough For Testing

    In person interviewing was conducted in couple towns north of Boston to gauge interest and confirm user adoption. We asked questions about their involvement in the community and environment, and their desire to meet and interact with new people. We evaluated how this app could fit into lives of our personas and be built it with their wants and needs in mind. One design struggle was to pinpoint the minimally viable solution to create and what need it solved for the user.

    Wireframing and prototyping our concept for testing is crucial to see if we have something special. While currently building the MVP, Social Butterfly needs to complete the intended job/task well before proceeding to other features and functions. Messaging and interest categories are two of the apps main features, which allows the user to post what they are doing, as well as search for activities. The prototype was designed for iPhone only and follows iOS mobile standards. Branding and visual design has also been implemented into the interface. The Social Butterfly app icon has been created and is ready for the App Store.