Teachers, students and communities can connect in new, innovative ways.

September 18, 2015     

  • Defining current state experiences for both our primary users - the teacher and student.

  • Understanding the teacher’s creation process and where to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Understanding how the student consumes information and what they enjoy most.

  • Wireframing and prototyping a solution that elevates creation and propels learning (Photoshop).

  • Branding a disruptive yet school-friendly identity that portrays educational value (Illustrator).

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    Socrademy looks to become the iTunes of academic curriculum. To do this, it provides a suite of web-based tools for educators to author and validate student consumption of educational content. Socrademy looks to enter the classroom and the student’s home for a more meaningful and personalized teacher-student relationship.

    Socrademy hopes to penetrate 5% of the total NH student population.

    Knowing The Market, Providing a Solution

    Through extensive research we have found that teachers struggle with lesson creation consistency due to slow creation techniques, selecting standards, adapting structure, digital distribution, etc. Additionally, students dislike certain teaching methods and forced consumption processes, therefore they would enjoy a more personalized approach to learning.

    The current look and feel of the brand and platform is to emulate the school environment, consequently integrating into the user's workflow. It is also important for the interface to be intuitive for both the young student and the could-be elderly educator. Socrademy remains in it’s early stages. The teacher creation platform is being prototyped - which we have defined as our MVP - with user testing to follow for validation. We believe that once we are able to get teachers authoring content at a steady level, we can continue developing the rest of the suite. Socrademy also has the conceptual frameworks and use cases developed, a pool of educators and administrators to onboard the platform, and support of strategic partners at the local, state, and regional levels.